How to easily add multiple monitors to your cam splitting set up

Camsplitting has become a popular way for cam models and streaming entertainers to simultaneously broadcast across multiple platforms and websites in order to expand their reach, grow their fan base, and increase their income without working more hours.

Most cam splitting software is easy to use, and offers additional  tools for production such as specialists, watermarks , lower thirds and so on. The way cam splitting software works is that it acts as your camera input, that can be selected for each platform that you log into.  The problem however, is that depending on how many things you are logged into at once that your single monitor or laptop screen can get pretty crowded if you want to monitor each platform.  If you are performing from a distance this can make things very hard to see and even harder to respond to any chat messages.

The solution? More monitors of course. Multiple monitors gives you a larger canvas on which to work, and arrange windows as you see fit using your existing keyboard and mouse or a wireless set that you can use from a distance.

Adding multiple monitors is easier than you think.

My first dual monitor set up was probably 12 years ago on a old Compaq running XP which maxes out at 4G RAM. Functional and far better than just one monitor, but not nearly enough RAM to say…watch a video while working or also running iTunes.

Today’s PCs and laptops are generally far more powerful than my old system, and are 64 bit and generally allow for some RAM upgrades if needed. They should easily run 1 or 2 additional monitors on factory specs.  Windows 10 and Macs also support multiple monitors by default.

Many laptops come with a  VGA port to attach an external monitor and there are also laptop docks that will do the same.
But what if you don’t have either?

I suggest at least 6-8G RAM. You can head over to crucial to see how much more RAM you can add to your system, exactly what type to order, and also order it right there.

Home to add multiple monitors to your Laptop or PC

Cam splittingYou are going to need as many open USB ports as monitors that you want to add (2 or 3. If you’re trying to add 4+, you’ll need a powerful computer than can handle it. ). Do not use a USB hubs or splitters. For best results you want to use the open USB ports right on your machine.

Head on over to Amazon and get a Kensington Universal USB 3.0 Multi-Display Adapter (K33974AM) for each monitor you plan on adding. You don’t have to buy a Kensington, many other manufactures make USB display adapters.

You will of course need the monitor(s). Again, personal choice but if you’re on a budget I’ve done well with Acers: Acer G226HQL Bbd 21.5-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Display. They’re affordable. They last, and the display is pretty decent on them. What size you get is up to you, but if you plan on mounting them on a multi-monitor stand be aware of size limitations. Personally I have 3 20″ monitors on a stand that’ll hold up to 22″ monitors, but that size is right for my set up.

Setting up your additional monitor is this easy:

If you have a large enough work area you can just set the new monitor on your desk. You can also get some affordable double and triple monitor stands that are both free standing, or attach to your desk.

If space is limited you may want to check out portable USB monitors. They’re lighter and can be easily taken on remote broadcasts or put away when you’re not using them.

And that’s it! It’s really that easy. As long as you have the room to set it up, and a computer with enough RAM and/or a decent Video Card to run them ( again, I recommend at least 4G RAM for 2 monitors and 6G RAM+ for 3) you’re good to go.

You can now drag web pages, files, copy and paste back and forth, or whatever you need to do from one screen to the other and muti-task your ass off . You just move your mouse to which screen you want to work on and do everything else as normal. As I was writing this post I was also watching the live stream of the Windows 10 announcement with Outlook open on the right to answer any emails quickly.