5 things social media can teach you about camming

If you’re new to camming and struggle with Social Media the reason why is probably pretty simple. Because you don’t use it other than when you want to promote. It’s impossible to master the art of online communication if you only attempt it when you want to sell something.

For all the good and bad about social media, including being an incredible time suck, it can serve as a great training ground to help you improve your writing and communication skills to your camming audience.

Cam models who do well on social media spend time on it beyond just promoting themselves. They understand the culture and personalities of the various platforms, follow trends, keep up on industry news, and know how to use the tools.

I’m not saying you need to spend hours a day on it. What I am suggesting is that you actually start using Social Media so that you may better understand it. Open a non camming account and take the time to follow a few people, main stream brands, companies or media outlets that post the kind of information that you’re interested in. Engage with them naturally as you, not as your cam business. Communicate with family and friends. You will eventually develop the kind of micro communication skills that will be helpful in your business marketing and communications overall.

1. Social Media teaches you brevity

The ability to make a point or communicate an idea in as few words possible is an important skill in all of marketing, but even more so on Social Media or when camming or chatting online.

Spend enough time online and you will develop the art of making poignant, insightful, brief comments that attract engagement from your followers.  You’ll also learn what kind of comments cause the opposite reaction and attract trolls, arguments, insults, and when to refrain from posting them.

As an extra bonus grammar Nazis will will happily point out your poor sentence structure and spelling errors for free.

When you are in the practice of doing this for yourself, it becomes much easier to find your voice to promote your cam business over all.

2. Social Media teaches you to engage with strangers

Marketing is speaking to strangers. Good marketing is getting to know the people you are speaking to before you open your mouth.  It’s extremely difficult to gauge personalities and intent on Social Media, and that scares a lot of people off from participating.

You cannot be successful with camming or any business if you’re scared to speak to people. It will come across as forced…unnatural…like you  spent an hour agonizing over just what to say and how to say it.  When it’s not natural people unconsciously ignore it.  Or worse yet, comment on your awkwardness. When it is natural people unconsciously engage because they are attracted to confidence both in real life, and online and that can equal more sales and tips when you are online.

With confidence the ideas and thoughts  flow naturally. That level of comfort shows and attracts followers who appreciate your ease and genuine interest in communicating with them.

3. Social Media sites are great proving grounds

Social Media sites are great places to test an idea, practice writing styles, or just throw something up in the air to see if it floats.  People on Social Media are free. It’s informal. They feel anonymous. They are comfortable (even eager) to voice their opinion on pretty much anything at will.

Take advantage of this free test market. Test different looks, outfits, costumes, show ideas, or fetishes to see what kind of feedback you get before you try it out during a camming session.  Start a poll. Ask for suggestions. Listen to the feedback of others to fine tune your presentation.

Pay attention to the mistakes of others. Social Media is a great opportunity to learn what NOT to do.

4. Social Media teaches you to have thick skin

Unfortunately trolls are part of camming and Social Media and there’s not much you can do about it.  You could post “I just cured Cancer!” and some *sshole will post “Big deal. You should have done it sooner moron”. That’s just the way it is. This is also a good thing.

How you handle trolls (or any uncomfortable situation) online or when camming is critical to your online success in general. It says everything about your attitude, maturity, and professionalism and can make or break you.

As a bartender (in a previous life) it goes without saying that I had to break up a fight or two.. How you handle those situations determines not just how the rest of the night will go, but what kind of trust and confidence customers who are watching will have in you into the future.  Social Media isn’t much different. Always assume everyone is watching whether you notice them or not.

Dealing with Trolls

Common online wisdom says to ignore trolls. Delete or block them and act like they never existed. But that’s not always possible. Sometimes a troll is voicing displeasure with your look or performance and their opinion can be infectious to the rest of your followers.

As a cam model and performer  you will have to know when and how to address them professionally to keep the respect of the quiet  voyeurs who are still on the fence about creating an account, as well as your regulars who spend frequently.

For the people who are just being *ssholes there’s also the carefully applied tactic of troll shaming. Witty, sarcastic (sometimes even fact filled) comebacks that publicly amplify their ignorance, and send them running away speechless in defeat.  Although this is my preferred method of dealing with trolls,  I don’t recommend it unless you are a trained smart ass in general.

Online you never enter into a battle that you can’t win. You don’t challenge people unless you are sure you’re armed with the correct information. In any business you don’t open yourself up to questions that you can’t give a credible answer to. The ability to think quick on my feet will greatly improve the respect you have among your followers, which will be seen in an increase in revenue over time.

I highly recommend that you stay away from politics and social issues online or you run the risk of ruining your brand  faster than a marriage to Kevin Federline.  Not  because you risk losing the respect (and money) of people who disagree, but that they will resent the fact that you mix business with volatile issues in the first place and are now making it uncomfortable for them to engage with you and spend money.

5. Social Media teaches you to share

One of the lessons you’ll learn when you use Social Media often is that it’s not always about you.  If you join groups, follow peers,  and things that you care about you’ll appreciate the fact that a lot of what you consume is because someone has shared it with the community.

To build a community of trusted followers means you genuinely want to communicate and share with them.  That means responding to your followers and sharing things that are important to them other than money, camming and tips.

If you don’t share other people’s interests, they won’t share you or your brand when it counts. And don’t be fooled, as a cam model you are your own brand.

Wrapping it up

Your personal experience engaging on social media is good practice in how to handle your brand, followers, and communicate overall. Cam models who do well on Social Media tend to be outgoing, creative, and confident. They also tend to use and engage on Social Media personally, which in turn gives them the tools and experience to know how to use and manage it professionally.

It’s important to remember that you can’t be  everything to everybody, and that you don’t need 10 social media accounts to be successful with it. Find your niche.  Commit to the platform that you think best presents you and your brand as a cam model. Don’t get caught up on numbers of followers.  The key to the game is to find your niche, get in where you fit in, and then work it like it’s the last rib from the slab. The communication skills that you develop on Social Media will help you in all of your marketing as a cam model and performer.


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